Tempat Makan Di Terengganu – Gloria Jeans Coffee

coffee shop in terengganu – where? Gloria’s a choice.

Okay guys. now. this post is just a small reminder for me, to note the taste of 2 gloria jean’s drink selection

1. The VOLTAGE – coffee + vanilla syrup i think. it has a good balance of coffee bitterness + a little tinge of sweetness coming from the vanilla syrup itself. best enjoyed after about 5-10 minutes after the drink is made.

2. Creme Brule’ – twice as sweet as the VOLTAGE. caramels sauce on the wall of the container (i think. i dont know. didnt ask the server). good match of coffee and caramel/creme brule sauce or whatever it may be, but one thing for sure is, it is pretty, very much, well, somewhat sweeter than the VOLTAGE.

so imran. if you want to chill, order voltage. if you feel like getting something sweeter, get creme brulee.

gloria jean’s terengganu – you can get there by clicking here or the map snippet below.



Update: this particular coffee spot have been closed down last August. know..

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