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Imran Talib Old Blog –

So. a quick search on google for “imran talib” blog, surprisingly, yielded my old blog as the first result. That is just amazing.


Seeing that my old work finally came by and worked its way into the first page is just amazing. I had very little knowledge of SEO back then, and it seems that it worked.

imran talib blog - travel blog, food blog, review blog
Imran Talib Blog – Travel and food blogger.

My old blog had somewhat similar topic as this one, but now i do vlogs – videocentric content. Since i do have a vlog-ready camera (the canon eos M50), it cant be helped. its just going to happen.


And now that i think, i kinda somewhat have a little more extra knowledge on SEO, i’m going to apply it to my imran talib website here, and see how it turns out. Currently, if you guys google my name, a famous Indian folk singer will come up. And that is the person i will have to beat with my SEO strategy. “Somewhat” a little more extra knowledge. “Somewhat’ being the operative word.


Well, if you’re lost now, you can go back to the home page , or check out my first video on the blog or you can leave a comment. Let’s talk!




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