Audio comparison review quality of eos m50 built in mic rode videomic pro

Canon EOS M50 built in mic audio quality – The best built in mic around?

This is an audio quality review video of the Canon EOS M50 built in mic, the RODE VIDEOMIC PRO and the COMICA CVM V30.

The first time i heard the audio coming out of the built in mic, i was BLOWN away. The audio quality is very good, up to the point where now, i occasionally went out without an external mic, knowing that the built in mic will not dissappoint me.

As a malaysian blogger doing normal blog and vlog stuff, i must say, it is one of the best built in mic i have ever come to use in any camera. And the fact that the Canon EOS M50 is so small and lightweight i literally carry it almost everywhere i go. Great video quality, and the flip screen does the job without any issues. The touchscreen is super responsive, and the audio quality is excellent. Its small form factor, coupled with the EF-M 22mm f2.0 (which is the lens i usually always have on) is just perfect, it could fit into your palm without hassle.

The canon eos m50 kit lens is also a wonderbit – 15mm wide enough to allow for a “vlog-style” perspective, and the 45mm end is good for close up shots.

The canon eos m50 as of today, fits my need as a malaysian vlogger / blogger. definitely looking forward to more videos coming up in the future!

Alas. Check out the audio quality comparison below.



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